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To explore the management of Penaeus vannamei Technology

Date : 2014-5-10Read : 1590

A, nursery system

In the nursery, shrimp cultivation is at the right cost, reasonable shrimp cultivationperiod, cultivate good quality, meet the demand of the shrimp farming households. In order to achieve the above purpose, suggest that nursery combined with the localenvironment on the operation method, operation conditions of corresponding provisions and implement, to achieve standardization. Because if the shrimp cultivation in the process of water treatment, food culture, development environment,operation method to randomly change, methods of operation or conditions changewith the people and said, it is difficult to maintain the seedling production and stable quality of the larvae. The effect of standardization is the technology of breedingplaces, experience accumulation, to save the file, and not because the flow of personnel, technology, experience with the loss of the entire. Each work is notbecause people are different, there is a great difference in the working efficiency andquality of the larvae.

Nursery design should be reasonable and adequate infrastructure, guarantee the quality and quantity of stable production of postlarvae.

Nursery production (not including shrimp breeding and larval production facilities)shall handled by water (water, sedimentation, disinfection, aeration, filtration,distribution, boilers and other facilities), gas supply system, seedling workshop,workshop, indoor and outdoor algae harvest eggs incubation workshop, laboratory testing. Water system: water distribution system should be designed so that the workshop can separate the disinfection, allow the pump infusion disinfection solution,and after drainage can be dried.

Water system: water distribution system should be designed so that the workshop can separate the disinfection, allow the pump infusion disinfection solution, and after drainage can be dried.

Seedling Culture Workshop: each workshop entrance placed a foot bath utensils disinfection liquid (such as 5ppm Potassium Permanganate solution), and thecontainer containing 70% alcohol for hand disinfection. Personnel should be sterilizedin and out of the workshop. The workshop ground keep dry, the seedling pool tools should be used separately. The workshop of all equipment and tools (drainer, hose)can be placed in a container containing hypochlorite solution.

Algae workshop: limit independent non essential personnel enter, equipment, water and air timely disinfection, chemical hygiene, safety.

Artemia workshop: egg shell, insect larvae, hatching barrel and disinfection equipment cleaning and disinfection.

The link should have the isolation zone effectively, in order to meet the requirement of epidemic prevention.

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